COVID-19 Updates

Updated COVID-19 measures at MBC November 13, 2022


The MBC board has continued to review changes to the municipal and provincial public health guidelines, and feedback from members.  After much thought and discussions, the MBC Board has proposed to ease previous measures to the following:  

  1. COVID-19 screening questions and record contact tracing lists will not longer be performed upon entry.  Members are encouraged to self-screen as per government COVID guidelines before attending any MBC in-person event. Please refer to the linked self assessment tool as a resource for self screening (November 13, 2022).
  2. Practicing proper hand hygiene is strongly encouraged. Hand sanitizer will continue to be provided at the main entrance/exit doors.
  3. Masking indoors is recommended, but is not mandatory.
  4. Physical distancing indoors is encouraged, but is not mandatory.

  5. Temperature check station will still be setup, but is not mandatory.

  6. Ministries and departments will have the freedom to require additional practices as they see fit for their unique needs and challenges to run their respective programs.


 Your feedback is greatly welcomed, please direct your comments and inquiries to