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Latest MBC COVID-19 News

March 27, 2022

The MBC board have reviewed recent changes to municipal and provincial public health guidelines, and have prayerfully considered how to apply them to our church community.

In summarizing Toronto and Ontario’s changes to COVID-19 public health guidelines: 

  1. Mandatory mask requirements in indoor spaces will be lifted March 21, 2022 (with exception of high-risk health care settings; not applicable to worship settings).
  2. Removal of Toronto Public Health guidelines for places of worship and capacity limits for indoor settings.
  3. Individual organizations can still institute their own public health measures, such as mask wearing and vaccination requirements.


We recognize that the above guidelines may take time to adjust, as our community consists of elderly members, young children who cannot be vaccinated at this time, and members with immunocompromised conditions. After thoughtful consultations and discussions, the MBC board has proposed the following:

  1. We encourage members to return to in-person Sunday worship services. However, we will continue to provide online worship services to support this transition time period.
  2. Masks will still be required for all indoor gatherings at MBC.
  3. Our worship services will gradually shift from virtual elements back to live elements:
    a.  We can resume singspiration indoors with masks on.
    b.  Access to the Church kitchen will remain closed at this time.
    c.  Continued physical distancing from those outside your household.
    d.  The MBC board will continue to deliberate on transitions regarding Children’s ministry, choir ministry, and impacts on overall worship.
  4. We will continue to follow public health guidelines for symptom screening, current screening guidelines linked  : Please stay at home if you or a family member are experiencing any symptoms.

  5. We request that staff and helpers serving in ministries involving older persons and young children to be fully COVID-19 vaccinated (2 or more doses) to help protect the MBC community. Please speak to your ministry superintendent and coordinator if you have any questions.  


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